Monday, November 28, 2011

I Screamed Like a Girl

The Regular Grand Prix is over and I'm giddy with delight! I think next to Worlds (which I also will be attending!), the Grand Prix Final will be the best ticket of the year!

I won't go into specifics about who did and who didn't make can check for yourself.

I was pleased with the ladies and pairs fields. I think Christmas came early with that dance field! And then I screamed like a girl when I saw the men's field!

OMG! Look!

No way! So if I was to pick my top six favorite men's skaters in the world...I got 5 of them right here (better luck next time Denis Ten) including my fave Jeremy Abbott. Sorry Yuzuru...I'm rooting for the other 5. Talk about EPIC!

Praying for no bogus withdrawals...I feel as though I would cry.


jumping clapping man said...

I'm so enormously pleased that Javier has stepped up this season, and is really in the running. What a great evolution! Can't wait to see where he goes!!!

And, you're right...on the whole, I particularly LOVE the country balance that the GP line-up one country dominates. That to me is REALLY what skating should be all about. Yes, certain countries dominate certain disciplines, but in the big picture it balances out. How lovely!

Ice Charades said...

I too am excited for Javier ... because I get to see his coach in the Kiss-n-Cry :-)

Aaron - I'm so excited you're going to Worlds!