Friday, December 09, 2011

Chan's Mouth

So on my way up to Quebec I grabbed a newspaper at the airport in Toronto, open it up to the sports page, and boom...Chan's mouth!

The first time I was treated to Chan's mouth was at the 2009 World Championships where he got into a media tussle with Brian Joubert.

I love it, first of all, only in Canada (well maybe in Japan and in Korea if it pertains to Yu-Na) does figure skating make the front page of the newspaper.

I read the headline, "Chan Feeling Unappreciated in Canada." He talks about all the hard works skaters do and he feels left out of the big boys club (Stojko, Browning). He then even talks about how it would be cool to skate for China...

Chin to floor!

It was such a stir up here that he had to issue a statement about his statements (which were given 4 months ago to Reuters).

Patrick should come to the U.S. where people go, "What's figure skating?" and then discuss appreciation. I mean, I don't think he realizes how good he has it. He got the front page of the sports section for crying out loud! When was the last time a U.S. skater got the sports front page of the New York Times, or Washington Post, or USA Today (I'm dying for someone who really wants to put in the research here and tell me it's been at least close to a decade)?

So he hits the ice today...Canadian's, please support him or we may have to deal with another "skatertantrum."

p.s. Wishing Mao Asada well and hoping her mom is okay.


Anonymous said...

Skate Canada officials looked the other way when Chan made unfortunate statements about other skaters over the past few years (it wasn't just Joubert); it looks like nobody bothered to make sure he got some media training. Is it any wonder that they now must do some damage control?

To answer your question, I would imagine Evan Lysacek got some sports front pages. Sarah Hughes was on the cover of SI when she won her OGM (maybe that explains her 2002-3 season?).

But of course, this all seems kind of minor right now, after the latest news about Mao and her mother.

Tonichelle said...

I'm pretty sure figure skating made the front of at least USAToday during the Olympics.

Tonichelle said...

oh and btw, you probably know by now, but Mao Asada's mother passed away before Mao made it home.

Anonymous said...

Evan Lysacek was on the front page of the Washington Post Sports Section when he won the Olympics - I know because it's hanging in my room in my parents' house!

From the WaPo archive search:

The American's dream; LYSACEK CAPTURES MEN'S GOLD MEDAL He is first U.S. figure skater to win competition since 1988
Amy Shipley; The Washington Post; Feb 19, 2010; D.1;

Ice Charades said...

I think the last time skating was front page news was when a thug of Tonya's whacked Nancy.

Perhaps wearing a US Marine Corps "costume" doesn't help endear him to Canadians.