Saturday, December 10, 2011

Grand Prix Musings...2

She Was Wearing What?

The ladies event came to an "uneventful" conclusion. As per I expected Kostner pulled off the win. I give her props...she did three events plus the final...that's not an easy schedule to keep. What I don't give her props on was her outfit...yeesh! Carolina, call me, we need to chat. Who also needs to call me...Alissa Czisny. Girl! What happened to Czisny 2.0? Czisny 1.0 showed up at this event. Find her again...please! Also, I was hoping Leonova would sport her Viktoria Helgesson "esque" do for the free skate...she went back to the usual hair...bummer.

No Way

Okay, I'm about to snap on the judges! Chan's Free Skate was scored higher than Daisuke's! How? And yes, I was in the building, and hands down Daisuke outskated Patrick on every level. The only component that Patrick really dominates Daisuke on is Transition/Linking Footwork. The rest...they're basically tied. And tonight, Daisuke was far superior in Interpretation (he does not miss a beat in his free skate), Skating Skills, and execution. What a shame the marks didn't reflect it. The crowd was cheering joyfully as Patrick won and I just sat there shaking my head...sad. On a more positive note...let's welcome Hanyu to the big boys club. What a skate! I think someone passed him my note, he tempered his performance just a bit and bingo! What an accomplishment for Fernandez as well (Canada appears to have adopted him as their own via Brian Orser). Finally Jeremy...oh he made my heart skip beats when he hit that quad! Shame there were problems that came later but I think he is on the right path as he heads towards San Jose...when he does that program clean it's going to be a gem.

So Close!

Savchenko and Szolkowy's MO this season has been to not do their best in the short but come rocketing back in the free. That's basically what they did here...only this time Volosozhar and Trankov kept up! The last two pairs free's of the night were absolutely amazing. Both teams had us on the edges of our seats. I think it came down to Tatiana's little wiggly landing on her throw salchow. Other than that it was an epic finale between the two.

p.s. Props to Jason Brown on a brilliant skate to take the Junior Men's was just awesome!


Sue said...

If you have not heard it yet, Alyssa was skating injured. She is taking a week or so off before working out again. I will be in the house at San Jose wildly cheering her on. In my book, no one skates more beautifully.

Stef said...

Finally! Someone who has similar thoughts as me about Chan..
I'm so tired to see him being overscored again and again... Personnally, I think Takahashi should have win. Ok, I know he was 5th after the SP and Chan had a lot of pts in his pocket after the SP (I still wondering why...), but jeez... Seeing Chan win this with such a difference again was ridiculous. I was a bit sad as well, and it took me time to stand up and applause for Chan.
To see the judges protect him that way is scrapping my interest to watch him skate... :S

Hanyu got me all over! I'll watch him in the future! As well as Fernandez!! :D

The pairs was a very exciting event, just with the presence of SS and V/T! The final, yesterday, blow me away! S/S was near perfection, although V/T got me more despite the end of the LP which looked a bit hard and slow (but apparentely, both are injured). But Wow, just wow!! I can't for the Euros!! :D
Smirnov seems to be such a sweet guy.. his attitude on the podium was so cute! :D

Anonymous said...

What I'm trying to figure out is why Daisuke only scored 3 points more here in his lp than in his lp from NHK. Perhaps he was overscored at NHK but his program yesterday was practically perfect. At NHK he underrotated a few jumps, including his quad, but I didn't see any underrotations this time. Of course I haven't looked at his protocol, but based on his number from NHK, I was expecting a much higher number here.

Anonymous said...


And I think "the real killer" is that Chan beat Takahashi in the Free... Unbelievable. Well, I had prepared myself for this, so I was able to enjoy it like the comical farce it is... But then having rewatched Takahashi's free again... I suddenly realised I was angry after all. Also, I believe Takahashi's quadd was OVERrotated, according to the (British) Eurosport guys - I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.:)

As for how good Takahashi's artistry is - well, I don't even particularly "like" that music (it really isn't "my style"), yet he is just a pure pleasure to watch...