Monday, January 30, 2012

Euro Finale

Well it's a wrap in Sheffield. I reported last week that Volosozhaar and Trankov won the Pairs title at Europeans and Pechalat and Bourzat took the Dance title.

The ladies title was captured by Carolina Kostner. This girl has had the worlds busiest schedule this season. She did three Grand Prix Events, the Grand Prix Final, now Europeans and she'll compete at worlds...not an easy schedule to keep. She's been dominant this season despite the fact she needs a little more technical umpf in her program (read: she needs a lutz). I guess when the field makes mistakes and you do what you do well enough, it get's the job done.

Kiira Korpi and Elene Gedevanishvili made their way to second and third. I have no idea who the Russian lady that finished 4th is...their team must be getting deep! Full Results here.

Amongst the men...Plushenko won...Plushenko Jr. was second...that is all...I'm over it. Full Results here.

Look at the top ten below. This is a tremendous group of skaters. I'm disappointed Brezina and Fernandez didn't do better...sad face.


Unknown said...

Carolina was doing some awesome lutzes on practice ice, apparently recovering from the injury is still hampering how much she can train it so its not in programmes but she definitely still has it in her arsenal

Anonymous said...

Plushenko was magnificent and I'm saying this as someone who is definitely NOT a fan of Plushenko. His perfomance in Sheffield was light-years better than his performance in Vancouver. Still missing transitions, but everything else was extremely well done, you can't deny it.