Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fireworks in World Arena!

Today capped the end of the single events and the beginning of the team events in Colorado Springs.

The day kicked off with the pairs short program. Right off the bat Denney and Coughlin killed it! And then right behind them Marley and Brubaker have a solid skate and for the longest time they were 1-2 in the standings. But Sui and Han came along and spoiled the party. They breezed through their short program like it was nobody's business and slipped just ahead of Caydee and John. Those would remain the top three. Skating later Takahashi and Tran, despite a couple wonky technical errors, managed 4th place ahead of Evora and Ladwig who for the first time in a while stood up on their side by side triples (still a little two feet for Amanda but I'll take it). Certainly an improvement from Nationals. Full Results here.

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The Dancers took the ice next and in a very close race Meryl and Charlie bested Tessa and Scott by less than a point. Both gave inspired short dances. The two of them will no doubt have an epic race to the gold. The bronze medal race is tight as well with Weaver and Poje inching ahead of Team Shibby. And the crowd was not happy about Maia and Alex's scores...many felt they were way under marked, twitter blew up, and the judges in arena were super booed. Some even thought they should have challenged for the lead. I don't know about all that but I think maybe a touch under marked. After the top four the scores take a super dive, see full results here.

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The fireworks really came with the ladies free when Ashley Wagner...ASHLEY WAGNER...killed it and took the title! So confident, so trained, she not only won, but she beat Mao Asada on both the technical and component mark. Talk about a step up! She flew across the ice and owned it hardcore. I had to stop tweeting I was going crazy! In fact Caroline Zhang got the fireworks started with the performance of her life to open the group. Caroline has done a complete reversal from her poor performances the last two seasons. With her skate she nabbed the bronze and the U.S. went 1-3. The tweets started flying in, U.S. ladies are back! I hope that Ashley can usher in a new era of American women champions, she (along with Caroline) was just amazing. Full Results Here.

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