Thursday, October 06, 2005

Oh No! The Queen is damaged!

Oh No! I happened to browse by the USFSA website this morning only to discover that Michelle Kwan has withdrawn from the Campbell's Soup Classic and Skate America...hold your breath...due to injury!

Apparently she has a strained hip ligament that will require a full two weeks off training, followed by a gradual resumption of training over the period of a month. She still plans to compete, for now, at the Cup of China competition in November.

Let us not fret die hard Michelle Kwan fans. This is the second time Michelle has been injured during an Olympic Cycle (toe stress fracture, 1998) and she has proven that she can rally and be her best, even when her body is not. And even so, this doesn't seem to be a very major injury, just something that requires a little rest. What is the worst about this is that Michelle's chances of making the Grand Prix Final are now nill. She would have to win Cup of China (very possible) and then hope for the points to work out. It has happened, but not often. Looking at the Grand Prix assignments, it seems very unlikely that a berth to the final could be garnered from one event.

Alissa Czisny will replace Kwan at the Campbell Soup's event, Emily Hughes will replace Kwan at Skate America.

Get better Michelle and we will see you soon.


Anonymous said...

...unlikely that a birth to the final could be garnered from one event


Aaron said...

Awesome...I have a proofreader!