Sunday, February 19, 2006

Olympic Blog, Part 3

I found it all so very anti-climatic. I can't remember a more boring Men's Final. I mean, honestly...I think this judging system should be reevaluated. I have such a problem with the second mark...the component mark. I think Plushenko delivered the Gold Medal performance, do I feel his component score should have been that high...NO! When I take Plushenko's skating skills, transitions, choreography, performance, and interpretation and hold them against others (Savoie, Sandhu, Weir) in the field he doesn't come close to being as solid. David Pelletier said it best; "I find Plushenko's skating to be phony. I don't buy it." Plushenko deserved to win this title...but on the strength of only his technical mark, not both marks.

The American's didn't get it done. One because he had a terrible short program, one because he had a terrible free skate, and one because he was terribly underscored! Lysacek blew it early, Weir blew it late, and Savoie was calmly consistent...but not given credit. I hate that Savoie was penalized for not skating with a calculator in his hand. I appreciate Evan's comeback performance, that was one of the highlights of the evening. I'm officially sick of Johnny Weir. He's always critizising everyone else...guess what, you have weaknesses too!

Way for Lambiel to win Olympic Silver...without even landing a Triple Axel! I think 1992 was the last time that happened. Did Paul Wylie hit a Triple Axel in his free in Albertville? What about Orser in 1988 or 1984? Maybe we have to go back even further? And what about Buttle's bronze...boring. I just couldn't get into it! Maybe I'm crazy but it seemed to me all the exciting skaters faltered...Takahashi, Sandhu, Dambier, Lindemann...what a shame.

Maybe Ice Dance can pull me out of my slum.

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