Sunday, February 19, 2006

Olympic Blog, Part 4

So the rule of thumb for the Original Dance is...don't fall and your in the top 5! I have never seen so many tumbles in the OD ever! And on fantastic performances to boot! First the Lithuanians take a fall on footwork, darn! Then the Italians Faiella and Scali take a nasty little fall, shoot! Then the Canadians Dubrueil and Lauzon take a horrible spill on a rotational lift and Marie-France is off to the hospital, ouch! It's not even over...Fusar-Poli and Margolio...surprise Italian leaders after the Compulsory Dance...plop down on the ice, geez!

All the falls did something reset the field. The standings after the Compulsory Dance were crazy...the standings of the top six following the Original Dance...exactly the same order they were in at the 2005 World Championships.

Also...I continue to have criticism of this new judging system. Belbin and Agosto are in second place with, in my opinion, the strongest and technically most difficult dance. However, 4 teams (ranked behind) beat Belbin and Agosto in the technical mark. Get this...two of those teams are among those that went down. I'm confused???

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