Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Blog, Part 6

Will the Russians sweep the Figure Skating Event in Torino...not if Sasha Cohen has any say in the matter! The ladies short program went down and what a short program it was! The top 12 ladies are all fantastic and the final two groups will be exciting!

Poor Sokolova! She's way, way, way down there in 18th place after missing her Lutz combo, and popping her Loop. I might add that her percentage on the Triple Loop over the past two years in competition...100% This is the first time she has missed it since late 2003. Carolina Kostner...all of Italy's hope for a ladies medal...most likely not gonna happen. She went splat on the Lutz combo...splatted right down to 11th place.

Kimmie Meissner and Emily Hughes had fantastic short programs! Kimmie sits 5th and Emily is 7th. Watch for them to have great free skates.

The Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming! The Japanese are coming! THE JAPANESE ARE COMING! Arakawa is currently 3rd, less the one point off the lead. Suguri is right behind her in 4th. Both had great short's.

The surprise of the evening was little Elene Gedevanishvili of Georgia. Nice Triple-Triple combo, good spins and a little smile...she makes the top 6!

The showdown will be between Slutskaya and Cohen. Cohen lead Slutskaya by...get this, .03. Yep, that's it! .03! So basically it's dead even between them and Arakawa is just barely behind that. What a nail-biter this one will be!

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