Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Olympic Blog, Part 5

Shall we dance? What a tremendous Free Dance. I must first send out my love for Canadians Dubrueil and Lauzon who had to withdraw after that nasty fall in the Original Dance...get healthy, get to Calgary, skate great, and if I may be a bit greedy...stick it out for 4 more years and win an Olympic Medal in Vancouver!

Tremendous dancing on the part of Russians Navka and Kostomarov. I really felt they delivered a great dance...and how about those Americans! Although they weren't without flaw, they were good enough for Silver...Silver 30 years in the making! As for the Bronze Medalists...boring! In my opinion the Lithuanians should have come flying up the standings, but Fusar-Poli and Margolio's ice drama got stuck in between!

What is clear is that the World Champiosnhips will be quite interesting for Ice Dance!

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