Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hold your breath...

Okay, for the first time in forever, there have been no withdrawals from the Grand Prix Final!

All 24 of the competitors/teams that originally qualified to the final are in Turin and ready to go! I can't remember the last time nobody withdrew from the final prior to its start (has that ever even happened?). Because of the sustained level of talent competing, this promises to be one of the most competitive finals to date.

Small correction; I previously blogged that it had been since 1997 that the U.S. had qualified competitors in all 4 disciplines. In fact, the United States has never done this. I was mistaken when I reported that Punsalan and Swallow qualified in 1997, they in fact didn't qualify until 97'-98' (there was a year when there was a final in March of 97' and December of 97' to accommodate for the Olympics).

A bit of U.S. Ice Dance history, the 97'-98' Final (then the Champion Series Final) was the competition where Punsalan and Swallow decided they were going to need a new Free Dance for the Olympics in Nagano when they finished last at the final. U.S. Nationals was the last time they used their "Elvis Medley" program and debuted their "Tango" Free Dance by Astor Piazzola in Nagano. Didn't think I'd remember that did you?

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