Monday, December 10, 2007

Pic of the Week

A good portion of the conversation during this years' Grand Prix has been the lack of talent amongst the Russian men (this lack of talent actually exists even more so amongst the women).

Sure there is a plentiful amount of new, developing talent. Names that come to mind are Sergei Dobrin, Andrei Griazev, Andrei Lutai, and Sergei Voronov but there is a since that there no longer exists any depth in the Russian men's program.

I remember when any of the top three or four guys in Russia could on any given day beat anyone in the rest of the world. Urmanov, Kulik, Yagudin, Plushenko, and Abt really gave a great show. This weeks pic of the week commemorates Russian stability in men's figure skating by remembering Alexei Yagudin's magical moment in Salt Lake City. He was the runaway leader after the short program and never looked back.

Another note on Russian men...they have won the last four Olympic titles (5 if you count Petrenko skating for the Unified Team in 92') they have the stuff to get it done in 2010?

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