Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The judge rules!

Lots of skating news coming out today! A judge has ruled in the drunk driving case involving reigning World Ice Dance Champion Maxim Staviski.

Maxim Staviski received a 2 1/2-year suspended prison sentence Wednesday for a drunken driving accident that killed a man. Staviski was found guilty of crashing his car into an oncoming vehicle in August, leaving a 23-year-old man dead and an 18-year-old woman in a coma for nearly four months. Police records showed Staviski's blood-alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. Staviski lost his driving license for four years, will be on probation for five years, and was ordered to pay compensation totaling $127,000. The court rejected the woman's claim for $1.5 million in compensation.

I guess given this Albena and Max could return to training and continue competing, not sure if they will. They would probably receive a chilly reception from the skating community. In any case he should be thanking his lucky stars that he's not doing hard time.

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