Wednesday, January 30, 2008

U.S. International Assignments

The USFSA has announced the Four Continents, Junior World, and Senior World Teams. The entire list can be seen here, there aren't many surprises.

Kimmie Meissner was in fact put on the World Team, but I'm sure that will put extra pressure on her. We'll get to see what kind of competitor she is...will she crumble under the weight of expectation or rally and comeback from a disastrous season?

Poor McLaughlin and Brubaker, because of Keauna's age, they are done competing internationally this year. Rockne is too old to qualify them for Junior Worlds and Keauna is too young for them to go to the Four Continents Cup or Senior Worlds. Hopefully their will be some invitational this spring where we'll see them again.

And speaking of Junior Worlds, what a field we have going! Nagasu, Flatt, and Zhang can all pack their bags for Sofia, Bulgaria...I'm envisioning a sweep!

The above picture is downtown Goyang City, site of the Four Continents Cup in South Korea.

UPDATE: Johnny Weir has opted to withdraw from the Four Continents Team...he's just pooped from Nationals.

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