Monday, February 04, 2008

Coaching Shake-Up

Funny, the audience at the Xcel Energy Center was discussing this just over a week ago and poof it happens!

Kimmie Meissner announced today that she will be working with Richard Callaghan and Todd Eldredge to prepare for the upcoming World Championships in Sweden. This change comes as her season has steadily spiraled downward, she's placed lower in each competition she's entered this season than the previous. She began with a win at Skate America, then silver in Paris, sixth place in Torino for the Grand Prix Final and then a shocking seventh place at Nationals.

Whether this change is permanent or temporary is not yet known, however her remarks would make it seem as if she's leaving her longtime coach Pam Gregory. "I'm just really trying to put all my focus and energy into training for Worlds," Meissner said. "I'm grateful to Pam Gregory for everything she has done, but I needed to make some changes in order to regain my focus and confidence. I know I'm capable of making the podium at Worlds; that's my main goal right now."

Callaghan has had good success improving skaters jumps, as evidenced with Todd Eldredge who will be helping with the coaching, as well as Shizuka Arakawa, Nicole Bobek, and Tara Lipinski. Let's hope this is the change Kimmie really needs and she can turn this season around.

UPDATE: According to Ron Ludington, Head of the University of Delaware Skating Club, the move for Meissner is temporary. She is still enrolled in UD classes (although they will be online now as she will train with Callaghan and Eldredge in Florida) and is still on the ticket for a March 1 UD show.

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