Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Four Contients Cup Dance Preview

Next week is the Four Continents Cup (Five Continents actually as Brazil will have it's first competitor ever in Kevin Alves!) in Goyang City, South Korea and I am very excited to see the Ice Dance competition.

At both their respective National Championships, both Virtue and Moir of Canada and Davis and White of the United States turned in amazing free dances. Tessa and Scott won their first Canadian title while Meryl and Charlie earned a solid silver behind Belbin and Agosto.

There isn't musch depth at the competition however these two teams will, I think, put on quite a show. My gut feeling is that Virtue and Moir will have a small advantage over Davis and White but if the Canadians make one little mistake the Americans will be in striking distance.

Virtue and Moir have established themselves as one of the best teams in the world by medaling in both their Grand Prix events and placing fourth in the closest Ice Dance compettion ever at the Grand Prix Final. Davis and White had a sluggish start to their season but made a complete overhaul of their program for U.S. Nationals and was right behind Belbin and Agosto, beating the veteran team in the Technical Element Scores.

Looking beyond 2010 which I feel will be important competitions for both these teams, I think this is a rivalry which could endure to 2014 in Sochi, Russia. I'm simply impressed by both of these teams and look forward to the competition!


Anonymous said...

Stephanie Gardner represented Brazil last year at 4CC.

Aaron said...

Thanks for the fact check ;-)