Monday, March 31, 2008

Pic of the Week

I feel I know very little about Jeffrey Buttle. But his recent win at the World Figure Skating Championships has shined a little light his way and now we want more!

Did you know he was (is?) a Chemical Engineering student at University of Toronto? There are lots of other facts about J. Buttle (that's what I call him) that I learned from this little Q & A from the National Post (Canada, that is).

He also eludes to the fact that he happy winning the gold medal, even if Joubert didn't particularly care for it (somebody huffed and puffed at the press conference because somebody who won didn't try a quad), but realizes he'll have to add a quad by Vancouver...

"I saw Daisuke Takahashi do two quads in the long program at the Four Continents event, and he amassed this huge score that none of us could touch. But on this day I was the best, but anything could happen on another day, and so I take it from it that, well, this is awesome — I won a world championship without the quad — but I need to put it in the program."

Wise words from a great Canadian, eh?

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