Monday, April 21, 2008

Hersh's Scoop

I love when Phil Hersh gets the good scoop! He has figured out three of the four cities that are pushing for the 2010 U.S. Nationals; Portland (Oregon), Providence (Rhode Island), and Spokane (Washington). I think I know the identity of the fourth mystery city, Detroit (Michigan).

But enough of all that...Phil makes the brilliant point that Spokane, unequivically should get the event! They did shatter the attendance record and it was an amazing event...I was there!

The downfall, they just hosted the event in 2007...fair to give the event back to a city with only a three year turn around? It will have been five years since Portland last hosted in 2005 when the event comes around in 2010, fifteen since Providence in 1995, and sixteen since Detroit in 1994.

But there is more to consider here than just who should host. The host city must also be able to sustain the impact of the event for almost two weeks, as US Figure Skating has choosen to adopt the extended event schedule (similar to Olympic Figure Skating schedules) for Olympic Trial Nationals.

Given all this, US Figure Skating must decide which of these four cities can pull off an amazing event. See the poll ------------> and weigh in!


Anonymous said...

fourth city is greensboro, nc. now you have the scoop.

Anonymous said...

actually, not sure that greensboro made the first round cut, but they did make a bid.

Aaron said...

Greensboro would be a cool place. They need a mid-size city that is growing. Small enough that the community can energize around the event but big enough to sell tickets. That's why Spokane was such a perfect fit.

There is a lot of internet buzz about Detroit and 2010 that's why I figured they were the other city, but I would be happy to see Grensboro in the running as well.