Wednesday, April 16, 2008

US Figure Skating Team Envelopes

U.S. Figure Skating released the team envelopes for the 2008-2009 season. The team envelopes allow for priority based competition selection. The higher the team envelope, the better competition selection you get.

Kind of a shocker here for the ladies...Rachael Flatt, Caroline Zhang, and Ashley Wagner all got put on the B Team...that's right...the B Team!

Who's on the A Team you ask? That would be Mirai Nagasu (of course, she's national champ), Beatrisa Liang (huh?), and Kimmie Meissner (wow!).

Not exactly sure how these girls will get placed for the Grand Prix but Mirai, Beatrisa, and Kimmie will have first crack at two and or three events before the others despite the fact they have performed stronger this season.

No shockers amongst the men, pairs, or ice dancers...exactly what you'd expect.

I think Kimmie especially, but Beatrisa too, have received an early Christmas present here from U.S. Figure Skating!


Ice Mom said...

I don't know very much about how the USFS works, but this makes no sense to me. I mean, I love Kimmie and everything, but leaving Rachel, Ashley, and Caroline out of the A team makes no sense to me.

Matt said...

according to the criteria on their website, for Team A there is "Consideration for World senior medalists within the past three years, who have retained their eligible status, and have committed to competing in the next competitive season." that would include Kimmie Meissner...

rachel, a skater said...

kimmie and bebe placed top ten at worlds, which automatically qualifies them for team a.

Aaron said...

That makes sense...thanks for the clarification. Then is there only three available spots on Team A or can there be more than that? Just kind of seems to me that some of the other ladies...especially Flatt, are getting shafted!

rachel said...

It seems that team a and team b have three spots/team, but c and reserve have more.

The criteria doesn't say anything about the number of members.

Here's the criteria: