Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pic of the Week: American Legends

For the next six weeks I'm going to do an American Legends series for Pic of the Week. Look forward to seeing some of the greatest American skaters to ever take to the ice.

Carol Heiss' carreer is distingueshed! She's a two time Olympic Champion (Silver in 1956 and Gold in 1960), four time National Champion and a five time World Champion.

She began skating in Queens, New York at the age of six and won her first major title, the U.S. Novice title, at age 11. Her crowning moment came in 1960 at the Squaw Valley Olympic Games where she swept the judges and captured Gold.

After retiring from competitive skating in 1960, she married Hayes Jenkins, the 1956 Olympic Men's Champion and skated in several ice shows before retiring from the sport. She returned to the sport in late 1970s as a top level coach. Some of her most noteworthy students include Tonia Kwiatkowski, Timothy Goebel, and Miki Ando.

She continues to coach today and is one of the most visible faces in U.S. Figure Skating!


Ice Mom said...

I always like a bit of history, especially the links between skating greats of the past and the skaters they're coaching today. Miki Ando. I had no idea Carol is her coach. Thanks!

Aaron said...

Important to note she isn't coaching her anymore (she's currently training under Morozov), but she did coach her at the Olympics in 2006.