Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kristi Can Dance

It was a night of Fairy Tale Magic and Fiery Spanish Heat as the celebrities danced the Viennese Waltz and Paso Doble (the Dance of the Bullfighter) on Dancing with the Stars.

All of the celebrities stepped it up a notch this week and brought some of their best performances yet. Kristi, once again, notched up the top score with a Paso Doble that was powerful, intense, and most importantly emotionally dramatic. Although Len felt her her routines were becoming cookie-cutter, Carrie Ann and Bruno praised her for coming out of her shell and brining a passion to the dance floor. "Kristi, your the reason all those other stars are workin' their booties off this season!" said Carrie Ann. Carrie Ann and Bruno each handed Kristi and Mark a perfect 10...Len with a reserved 9 for 29 total.

But for the first time since the beginning of the competition Kristi was not alone at the top and her competition in this race for the trophy is beginning to take shape. NFL Man of the Year Jason Taylor also got a near perfect score of 29 after a beautiful Viennese Waltz. Right behind them with a 28 was Shannon Elizabeth who got Len's only 10 of the night after a beautiful Viennese Waltz of her own (despite the fact her partner was dancing with a bum neck).

Side bar, 1 in 4 readers felt that Kristi had an unfair advantage because of her Figure Skating background...interesting...

In general, all the stars brought their A-Game this week (save Adam Carolla who brought his Unicycle!) and the competition is getting tighter. Tonight, another star leaves and for the first time this season the bottom two will be revealed (gasp!). Tune in!

Update: The Unicycle wasn't enough to get the votes from America...Adam Carolla has danced his last dance. But he entertained us all and lost 20 pounds in the process!

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Ice Mom said...

I always miss this show! Thanks for blogging about it so I can stay in the loop!