Saturday, May 31, 2008

Getting off easy!

Well it appears that the case against Maxim Staviski is settled but boy is he getting off easy! The Appellate Court in Bulgaria's coastal city of Burgas confirmed Wednesday the suspended sentence given to the ice skating champion Maxim Staviiski over involuntary manslaughter and aggravated bodily harm.

The claims and compensation that Maxim will have to pay were greatly reduced. In one case 2,000,000 (BGN) was reduced to 80,000 and in another case 500,000 reduced to 180,000.

The prosecution had filed an appeal demanding Maxim be put behind bars; that appeal was denied. Instead he'll just have to serve out a five year probation.

Talk about easy! Maxim...if you're going to booze...don't get behind the wheel! Got it?


Anonymous said...

well, if he's any decent human being, that guilt will follow him to death. And that alone, will be time served enough for him or anyone. Hopefully he'll never drink again. I'm sure he's a national hero in his country hence the easy sentence. Rich/Famous people always get off easier than common folks. That my friend, is the rule for every country.

Aaron said...

I agree...there were also unconfirmed rumors that members of the Bulgarian Figure Skating Association had contacts in the government that helped Maxim obtain the reduced sentences and fees. Seems kind of unfair, but your right, it's all who you know.

Ice Mom said...

I know this is a serious issue, but I honestly looked at that picture and thought that he was charged with offending the fashion police. :)

Aaron said...

He is looking a bit...ummm...gruff these days.