Monday, June 02, 2008

Tickets please...

So I'm putting together my competitive figure skating travel plans this season. This season, I think I'm going to stake claims on Skate America, Four Continents Cup, and Worlds. I'm a little sad about missing Nationals...I never miss Nationals...but I really want to see the Olympic Arena in action and there is little to no chance I can score tickets for Vancouver 2010, thus 4CC, and of course Worlds are in the U.S. so my budget had to give somewhere and Nationals was the concession, sorry Cleveland (I think that was the worst run on sentence ever!).

But, while I have already purchased my Skate America Tickets and plan to purchase my Worlds tickets as soon as I can figure out my airfare, I can't seem to find Four Continents Cup Tickets (or even a schedule anywhere).

To my friends up north, I need some info! I've looked all over Skate Canada's website for info and searched Google and I've even visited the Vancouver 2010 website wondering if they would sell the tickets since it's the Olympic figure Skating test event.

My friends in Canada...I'd love to spend a few days with you in Vancouver next February, let me know how to get there!


SusanAtLifeskate said...

How many days do you get off per year? I'm jealous! You're going to THREE events? I'm planning my road trips to regionals and sectionals! :)

Aaron said...

I actually get PTO time and I've gotten really clever at working my schedule so when I do take vacation I just adjust my work hours to not use very much.

The downside is both before I leave and after I get back I have to work long hours...but it's skating, I love it, and I think it's worth it.

I've also gotten very good at using my Mileage Plus Card to pay for everything and then just pay the card back to earn miles on United! Hotwire takes care of the rest!

Laura said...

I too am jealous, that is awesome. Can't wait to read your blogging reports on the events...!