Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Skating's hotties!

The Roundup this week over at Lifeskate (thank you Susan) had a wonderful little gem amongst its ranks.

Apparently Sports Crunch has listed (in their opinion) the top 10 hottest female athletes ever and two skaters made the list.

Peggy Fleming came in at number 10. They cited her using her good looks to finagle a job as a commentator ( couldn't possibly be that she was knowledgeable about skating!) for ABC sports.

And Katarina Witt came in at number 2! They noted that only two issues of Playboy have ever sold out, the inaugural issue featuring Marilyn Monroe, and the December 1998 issue featuring, I didn't know that!

Just a little fun this Wednesday! I find myself wondering how much Google traffic I'll get for having the words hot female and Playboy in this post?


Ice Mom said...

Oh, geez. My husband has always had it bad for Katarina Witt.

He's such a dork, but at least he's in good company. I mean, she's #2 on the list.

SusanAtLifeskate said...

Here's another list you'll appreciate. Michelle Kwan is not on the list (probably too young) but it's still an interesting list. I thought the Nancy/Tonya quote was HILARIOUS:

Aaron said...

Interestingly on the SI list...Peggy beat Katarina (38 vs. 19). Hamil came in at 32, while Nancy and Tonya (as if it were impossible to separate the two) came in at 95. The quote is great, There's something about Nancy Kerrigan that reminds me of Ryne Sandberg, and something about Tonya Harding that reminds me of Lenny Dykstra." -- Baseball executive Ed Lynch

None could beat the incomparable Sonja Henie, a cool number 4!