Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Is Figure Skating the Gayest?

The Advocate, an award winning LGBT News site, decided to list all of the out Olympic Athletes that have won Olympic medals (however they were unsure if Coroebus of Elis, the first Olympic Gold Medalist in 776 BC, naked of course, was gay). I mean, the Beijing Olympics start Friday and it's what everyone's worried about, right? Right...

Anywho, the list is far shorter than I might have imagined. But of course the sport that apparently has the most out medalist is...figure skating. Four to be specific:

Toller Cranston
John Curry
Brian Orser
Ronnie Robertson

What makes a sport gay anyway? Public perception? Sequins? Jazz Hands? Tights? I asked around my work area what my coworkers thought and I got some unusual responses. Ballet (to which the guy next to him remarked Ballet wasn't a sport...but that's another argument!), Gymnastics, Wrestling, Diving, Cycling, Cheerleading (another tort about the validity of that as a sport!), and also Figure Skating.

Hmmm...in fairness, in all these sports the guys do sometimes wear tights or at least tighter clothing. It must be tight clothes that make a sport gay...maybe not? And nobody said soccer....hmmmm.

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