Friday, August 01, 2008

Is Elena Bitter?

In a recent interview that has been translated by Figure Skating Translations Elena Sokolova talks about her life as a coach, competitor, journalist, etc.

One of the questions asked of her is if the judges where ever unfair to her. She says yes and brings up one event in particular:

"Unfortunately, that happened many times. For example, at the 2003 World champions, I came in second after Michelle Kwan. I am absolutely certain that I should have won, because I skated significantly better than Kwan. It’s not just my opinion, but that of many world specialists as well. However, the championships took place in the US, so the judges chose not to deprive the American darling of the golden award. I, therefore, ended up in second. There are many other examples, but I won’t go there. You must admit it’s not the best memories."

Hmmmm...I think many people would disagree with Elena's recount of that event. But maybe people see it that way. Interesting can read it all here.


Anonymous said...

Elena Sokolova is smoking something when she made that comment. We all know that in the past, artistry score always always (except 1998 Olympic) trumps technical scores. I believe what other judges have told her is probably more along the line of she was better technically during 2003 championship (I cannot find it on youtube so my guess is that she probably did triple triples). And she translate that into she should have won. People always have selective listening in general when it comes to this kind of things. It's just like when Joubert believe he should have won early this year because he did quads. Quality is what counts NOT just difficult jumps. Heck, Kevin VAN DER PERREN did triple triple triple. That's a lot harder than quad double or quad triple. Maybe he should have won last year! NOT.

Aaron said...

I tend to agree. I think so rarely Elena had a clean skate in competition and on the occasions she did I think she felt she was owed the title. Also, her short program included a triple lutz, triple toe and she was placed behind Michelle who had a less difficult combo. But on the whole I think you're right, it's overall quality that counts.

What I can say, and I was in the building for that event, is that Elena was great that night...but Michelle was magical!