Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Heights!

Just a quick note from me personally at Axel, Loops, and Spins...

I love blogging so much and I hope you all enjoy this blog. I had a record breaking 35 posts this month...for all you math whizzes that's an average of 1.13 posts per day. Also, blog traffic has increased 345% from this same time last year and I have visitors from 23 different countries checking in on this site. Really, thank you all!

And there are more great things to come. I'm going to be really earning the frequent flyer miles as I will be attending a whopping four major Championships live! Expect daily blogs, pictures, and reports from Skate America, U.S. Nationals (I talked myself into it!), Four Continents Cup, and the pinnacle of it all the World Championships in Los Angeles! There's lots of skating intrigue to cover as we head toward the 2010 Olympics, Scott Hamilton will try to win it all on Celebrity Apprentice, and so much more. A sneak peak at future endeavours...I'm planning on attending the World Championships in 2010...they're in Torino, Italy! Stay tuned!

So long as you all keep reading...I'll keep writing! Once more, all my friends of figure skating, thanks.



Sharon said...

Well, Aaron, since I already enjoy reading your blog, you can bet I'll be here as you attend the competitions! It'll be terrific to have some inside info. Looking forward to it! Have fun.

Aaron said...

I certainly intend to. Thanks again for reading!