Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Japan and Great Britain seize the day

Now that I'm done huffing and puffing about airlines, just a small update on the Finlandia Trophy which concluded last week.

Very good day for Japan indeed, two of their young upstarts stole the spotlight and won. Akiko Suzuki won the ladies title while Takahito Mura won the mens. Both favorites in the singles events finished third, Sarah Meier amongst the women and Sergei Voronov amongst the men. Might also note that Shaun Rogers of the U.S. made a bit of a splash and won the silver, actually defeating Mura in the Free Skate!

Unfortunately Kevin Van der Perren had withdrawn.

As expected, the Kerr's from Great Britain cruised comfortably to victory.

Full results here.

This week we have the Karl Schäfer Memorial and Junior Grand Prix in Sheffield U.K. and then on to Skate America (which I again have an airline ticket to...I'm not going to let this go)!

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