Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just make a phone call...

I reported just a while ago (post below this one), an airline (Delta!) cancelled my flight to Skate America. They "temporarily" discontinued service in my departure city. I highly suspect this has something to do with the nationwide "credit crunch" crisis...but anyway...

I was prepping my pen and paper to write a letter and I decided to just call Delta and see if they just move me to another airport or something. Of course the person on the phone, it would seem, only started working there this morning. She transferred me to her supervisor so that she could help me.

Once transferred, I found myself speaking to a voicemail. I left a message, I was slightly agitated I think. It must have shown in my voice because 10 minutes later I received a call from a Regional Director.

He told me he had looked up my itenerary and apologized again. He listned to me rant and rave about Skate America and pretended like he knew how exciting an event it would be. And then he said...here's what I'm going to do...

He reinstated my itinerary, just changed my departure airport. Now that I have to drive 3 hours to a new airport he gave me a $50 credit. Then he told me to go ahead and keep the 1000 bonus miles they had given me for my inconvienience. Here's the best part...first class upgrade!

As I finish this post, I see on CNN they are talking about all airlines announcing they are cutting capacity.

Talk about lemons to lemonade! My advice, if airlines ever try to jerk you around...get vocal!


Anonymous said...

Wow...glad you got that straightened out! It would have been a shame if you ended up missing SA. It's going to be such a great competition all around!

Ice Charades said...

I'm glad you not only made the call, but posted all this as well. When airlines know the bad publicity will get out, I think they change their tune.

I've come accross similar problems with US airways, where they "cancel" flights in the middle of the day and move customers to the last flight of the day. Both the flight crew (who my daughter kept bugging while we were waiting to get another flight) and the car rental agency at the destination airport confirmed the airlines did this routinely.

Glad you you're getting to go to SA!

Aaron said...

It just seems to me they could have done better than, "Hey...we cancelled your flight...sorry."

How about trying, "Due to the current financial crisis, we've been forced to cancel your flight but rest assured we are trying everything we can to accomodate your travel plans."

Seems to me that if your going to cancel someones flight prior to departure you would take some of the responsibility for finding an alternative for the passenger.

Hasn't someone pushed for a passenger "Bill of Rights?"