Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Oh another one is out! I'd been reading bits here and there but tis true. The Japan Times in Tokyo is reporting that Daisuke Takahashi has a torn ACL and will undergo surgery. He will also sit out this entire season.

Oh goodness what terrible timing. This is not the season where Japan wants its best male skater on the sidelines...there's spots at the Olympics to be earned in L.A! Japan will have to hope Oda and Kozuka are up to the task.

Speaking of Oda, what an opportunity for him to steal back the limelight...trouble is Kozuka is currently basking in it!

What a shocking development!

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Anonymous said...

well, this gives a really good chance for the Americans to get 3 spots on the Olympic team. Can either Weir or Lysacek finally win a world championship? The prospect is getting better each day. Now if only that pesky Joubert would sit out....