Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pic of the Week

It was a bloody mess in Paris this past weekend...but it was fantastic all at the same time!

Craig Buntin gets the Pic of the Week...simply because he's a stud! That's right...a stud!

So he totally slices his hand in half 30 seconds into he and partner Megan Duhamel's free program at Grand Prix Paris! Craig and Megan stop their program and run over to the referee...blood going everywhere! He tells them they have two minutes to regroup then it's a quick trip to the boards where a medic is rapidly wrapping Craig's hand.

Meanwhile, the crowd is cringing at the multiple replays of how the incident happened playing on the jumbo tron above center ice.

Then it's back out onto the ice, with this still heavily bleeding hand that the wrapped bandage is really not doing much for, and they can't seem to get the music in the right spot. Bleeding continues...

Finally the music is right and into their program they go. A little bit rattled you think...naw! Beautiful throw triple loop, beautiful throw triple lutz. The lifts, which you think would be hampered by this huge bloody bandage on Craigs hand, excellent!

At the end, Megan's dress was covered in blood, Craig's bandage was now crimson red, and the audience was on their feet! I give him so much credit for keeping it together in this crazy (and I'm sure painful...stitches were required later that day!) situation. And they got the bronze medal (I think they should have got the silver but I digress...) out of it all.

If you missed the it is for you (I just love the British Eurosport commentators).

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