Monday, November 03, 2008

My Ice Network GoLive!

So for the first time I watched an event on Ice I have just a few thoughts on how this went, what I experienced, and other bits of excess trivia.

First, I'd like Ice Network to somehow provide a page with the video links that doesn't spoil the results. I didn't watch in real time, but in clicking my way to the ladies free skate, I was forced to notice because of the huge picture and headline, that Rochette had won Gold. I guess silver and bronze were still a mystery. I found myself attempting to not look at headlines as I tried to click to the videos...but I couldn't see the screen because I was trying to not see was kind of a comedic mess. An about e-mailing all subscribers a spoiler free link to the videos the day before the event. I've already bookmarked the Cup of China event page because it's easier to avoid the headlines on those pages versus the big ones on the home page!

Speaking of the videos...why was it that the pairs short program video was not available before the pairs free skate? Was this a fluke on my computer only? In the end...I never watched the pairs short because I couldn't stand to wait to see how Keauna and Rockne would fair.

I thought that having no commentary would be weird...turns out I love it! Now I know why the people who watched Skate America on Universal Sports were raving about the coverage. It was refreshing to just watch...almost like being at the event.

Hmmmm...unfettered mic and camera on certain skaters...hilarious. Did anyone else catch Ryan Bradley's zingers in the Kiss n Cry? For the short, it was, "That three-turn, I was like S$#^!" And for the free skate he added, "Look mom...I'm not gay! She'd be so proud of me." That comment was followed by a look of consternation from Tom Zakrasjek! My french is not good but I know Yannick Ponsero was rattling off a list of 'colorful metaphors' after his disappointing free skate!

State of the Skate mentioned this as well, but at times there was this weird sound distortion that made the music sound like the track was playing at half speed. Perhaps the more people logged on the more distortion you get? Increase bandwidth Ice Network.

Last bit then I'll get off my soapbox. I managed to get very good a moving the tiny little slider at the bottom of the video screen to advance the video through the official announcement, warm-ups, etc. I guess this only applies if you watch after the event had been recorded (as I did), but it would be nice if the video was segmented by skater...or at least a choice to watch the skater segments or the video as a whole. Am I getting to demanding? I expect my $19.95 to stretch as far as I can make it stretch!


Nicole said...

I missed the whole "look mom, I'm not gay" thing. Did you catch Frank Carroll's comment about how he saw himself in the monitor and thought he looked like John McCain? That was hilarious!

I never saw the pairs short program at SC either. They just never put it up. I will be extremely angry if it ends up being the same for Cup of China because Pang and Tong are competing there and I'm dying to see their programs.

Ice Charades said...

Congratulations of the election tonight. I'm so happy too! What a great day.

Aaron said...

Yes, the John McCain bit bu Frank Carroll was too much!

And go Obama! Talk about a big win!