Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Pic of the Week

How can you not love this guy! He can light up an audience quicker than flipping a light switch on (well that might be a stretch...but he's good!). This past weekend, he did just a little bit of lighting and won the Skate Canada International Silver Medal...of course I'm speaking of Ryan Bradley!

Now, I have been saying for a couple of years now, "I wish Ryan would try something serious other than schtick...maybe Henry VIII (I still think that would be a brilliant piece of music for him), but he is so good at the sly humor and witty moves on the ice that maybe he's going with the mantra, 'If it ain't broke...don't fix it!'

And he's made improvements this season. The jumps are improved (still some crazy technique on the axel...but it's better!), spins are stronger, little quicker on the feet, improved consistency...big strides.

Is Ryan ready to roll with the big players in the world of international figure skating? Maybe his performance this past weekend was his big coming out party!

Here's his free skate last weekend in Ottawa.

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