Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pic of the Week

I hope this Christmas Eve finds you well, with family and friends, and enjoying the Holiday Season!

Speaking of National Championships, France had their's this past weekend. And among others, crowned Yannick Ponsero their new Men's Champion (to be fair...Joubert didn't compete at the event). Might also add here Candice Didier won the ladies event, Canac and Coia the pairs, and Pechalat and Bourzat in Ice Dance.

I first took notice of Yannick at 2007 Skate Canada. I attended the event and we were all like 'who is the guy in second place after the short?' This season he's improved his skating tremendously. A 4th place finish in Canada and a 3rd place finish at NHK and it would appear his stock is on the rise!

Point in fact, he defeated Alban Preaubert, who has medaled in every event he's entered this season...not too shabby Yannick, not bad at all!

Although I couldn't find Yannick's free skate from French Nationals, I was able to find the medal ceremony.

Here's that 2007 Skate Canada Short Program that caught our eye in Quebec City.


Ice Charades said...

Doesn't the first picture look like Tom Cruise? I guess he has his "double" in case he ever wants to make a skating movie!

Aaron said...

OMG!!!! It's so true! I didn't even see it until you said that.

COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU..."Ice Man" Starring...TOm Cruise!

I'll look for the release early next year!