Friday, December 12, 2008

Youth Olympics 2012

Well the IOC has decided that Innsbruck, Austria will host the first ever Youth Olympics in 2012.

The Youth Olympics will feature young athletes in their teens (14-18) competing in seven sports including: skiing, biathlon, ice hockey, bobsled, curling, luge, and of course figure skating.

The news broke in an International Olympic Committee Press Release. As a next step, a Coordination Commission will be designated by the IOC President to accompany Innsbruck throughout the three years of preparation. “We are fully aware that this is a very short period, but we are extremely confident that Innsbruck can match the expectations of both the IOC and the athletes, including an attractive Culture and Education Programme, which is an integral part of the Youth Olympic Games experience”, underlined Jacques Rogge.

In a previous post I began to wonder how athletes would be chosen for this prestigious event.

Congratulations to Innsbruck!

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