Saturday, January 17, 2009

My request of the judges...

I have one request for the judges at U.S. Nationals.

Please, please, please judge each skater exactly as they would be judged by international judges.

If a skater does a triple salchow and only rotates 2 3/5 of a turn...downgrade it. Don't give level 4 credit to the same footwork and spins that skaters have received level 2 and 3 credit for all season internationally. Give skaters every little minuscule deduction that the international judges are known for handing out.


This nationals is too important. This nationals picks our World Team which ultimately picks how many skaters get to go to the Olympics in Vancouver.

We (the U.S.) need to send the skaters to World's that can best manage themselves under the judging standards the international judges use. It may be tempting to credit a skater with a great performance, that, to the naked eye looks stellar but in slow-mo replay shows four cheated triples. I know it makes for good T.V. to give that skater the best marks because it looks like they had the best program, but the international judges will not be worried about 'good T.V.'

Oh wait...I have two more ties.

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