Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pic of the Week: Countdown to Cleveland

Less than a week's very exciting!

So I mentioned last week how it's been kind of a blah season for the U.S. ladies thus far, the exact opposite could be said of the U.S. men. Lot's of our guys have looked sharp this season.

Ryan Bradley shocked us a bit with an early season 'hit' program at Skate Canada that earned him the Silver Medal. Stephen Carriere did the same at Cup of China.

Our perennial duelers have looked good this season. Evan Lysacek seems to have great skates (but alas, the rotation police have been on him this season as well) and Johnny Weir continues to be consistent with his skating. Both medaled in all their Grand Prix Events...including a Bronze at the rand Prix Final for Johnny.

A couple of our young upstarts got their first taste of senior competition. Brandon Mroz skated pretty well at Skate Canada and Adam Rippon did the same at Cup of Russia.

But the man of the hour this season has been Jeremy Abbott! He shocked us all with a win at Cup of China. We (or at the very least, I) thought it was a fluke when he didn't have the best short program at Cup of Russia but he rallied back to finish fourth overall (he won the free skate) and make the Grand Prix Final. Then, in Korea, had the skates of his life to...drum roll the event! Defeating Kozuka, Weir, Verner, and Chan in the process!

Will this year's Nationals in Cleveland be a return to Johnny vs Evan or is there a new man on the block?

Here's (until the 'Powers that Be' get it deleted) Jeremy's amazing free skate from the Grand Prix Final. Grand Prix Trivia...Jeremy is the first man from the U.S. to ever win the event. Past U.S. medalists at the event include Todd Eldredge, Timothy Goebel, Michael Weiss, Matt Savoie, Johnny Weir, and Evan Lysacek...but none of them ever won!

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