Monday, March 23, 2009

Êtes-vous un tweeter?

That you tweet?

Twitter give us bloggers an amazing way of reaching out to large numbers of people at once. Just so happens that a few of your favorite figure skating bloggers are twits! I, for one, will be 'tweeting' updates and off the cuff thoughts from the World Figure Skating Championships (I just got the zipper shut on the suitcase!).

If you are so emboldened, you can choose to have those 'tweets' delivered directly to your cell phone, pda, iPod touch, or other portable device. More traditional type? You can see the tweets of those your following on your profile page at Either way, it's a lot of figure skating info at your finger tips!

Check the list below to see who is tweeting and click to follow them!


Jumping Clapping Man

Ice Mom's Adventures in Figure Skating

and of course...Axels, Loops, and Spins

Any other tweeters out there?

UPDATE: Required Elements is in too!


jumping clapping man said...

thanks aaron. the cross-referencing is appreciated. (you're so refreshingly ego-free.)

on a different note, i'm amused that your side-poll is producing somewhat parallel results to my contest submissions... in other words, both jeffrey and evan are equally viable to reign... and the outcome will likely depend just as much on luck of the day.

Aaron said...

I expect a rut somewhere on the ice will determine the difference between the two of them!

Anonymous said...

my snitch in LA told me that Yuna's energy looked low. I hope she pick it up during the performance nights since I'll be there!!! Can't wait.

jumping clapping man said...

omg! say it isn't so. perhaps the warm-up controversy has tuckered her out, or she's feeling guilty/weighed down by putting that energy out there. OR, maybe she's intelligently saving her reserves, and not leaving it on the practice ice.

Laura said...

AHH THE PEER PRESSURE! I was just thinking about tweeting. I guess I will have to get on the bandwagon!!!

Laura said...

Ok, I am in. Blasting into 2009 with