Saturday, March 21, 2009


The time has come!

I posted some predictions over at Jumping Clapping Man...if you want to see how I think it will turn it out you can check it out there. Other than Ice Dance, no big shocks.

I'm currently at work, expecting to put in a 40 hour day (seriously!) to make sure my desk is clear before hopping on the plane to L.A.

Looks like NBC, who loves good drama, will have just that when broadcasting Mao Asada and Yu-Na Kim. Kim recently made remarks that the Japanese skaters, Asada especially, have been "obstructing" her warm-ups in competition this season. Let the mind games begin!

Some of you have found me...but if you didn't know I've recently become a figure skating contributor at the Gay Sports can check it out here.

I need a good topic for my Weekly Op-Ed...I've been completely run out of ideas recently...have any?

UPDATE: So this post, understandably ruffled some feathers. Not my intention at all. In the post I mentioned Yu-Na's remarks about being obstructed in the warm-up. She in fact has never named a skater in particular and I would like to thank those who did a good job of keeping me honest. There have been other media outlets that have named a 'certain' skater but she never did. I received, via this blog and via e-mail, lots of chatter about this post. I'm posting below one of the video that I feel does a good job explaining this situation.


Paul Shin said...

Hey, Yu-Na never mentioned that Mao or any Japanese skaters interrupted her way. Your writing about that issue is totally absurd and groundless. Even today when Yu-Na arrived in LA, she said she never mentioned Japan or anything.

Paul Shin said...

Just to let you know, the article you referenced about that issue is written by Shigemi Sato, a Japanese reporter. Considering the fact that Japan has been over-reacting about this issue - even though Yu-Na never mentioned about them, I am not surprised at all.

jemma said...

hum... You really make sure that yuna refers to Japanese skaters' names? but, I exactly make sure that she did not refer to about that. I think you'd better write down your article more carefully.
Pleses, if you checked more carefully about original yuna's interview, you couldn't write like above.

Anonymous said...

Ummm... Just to make a correction from your posting... Yu-Na NEVER mentioned any specific skaters or nations. She actually said in the interview that she never identified or pointed out particular nationality.

Anonymous said...

Yuna didn't mentioned any certain skater's name or nation.
Why do you distort her interview?
you wanna speak ill of her, right?
What a suck article..

Anonymous said...

It seems that you never watched the right translated version of Yuna's interview. So I'll give you the youtube address for that.

Even if it's your personal blog, it's better to have the right info.

Anyways, I'm enjoying reading your Op-ed :)

Anonymous said...

I recommend you one more youtube clip regarding encroaching during warm-ups. It's very interesting. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why u tell stories.
Kim never remarked that THE JAPANESE SKATERS have obstructed her warm-ups.
Stop making me laugh.

essence said...

What do you mean by "Asada especially" ??
I wonder...
where do you get this false information from??

Why is't Japanese media and you, especialy YOU~!! Invent false information about Yu-Na??

Yu-Na NEVER mentioned any specific skaters or the nations.

In the future get the fact straight before posted your words.

^^ said...

Hi Aaron! I'm Korean.
I alway enjoy your articles.
I'm sorry for our strong reaction to your comments.

Yuna only wants to 'concentrate' her performance. It's only goal. So she remarks that some skaters impeding her in warm-ups.

Here's the interview comments.
"It felt too much at this 4CC. I wondered if they really had to be like that"
"I don't want to be pushed away from things like that because it can affect the performance in the competition If I lose out on a trivial thing. So we're looking for a way to deal with it."
she said in the interview. She don't remark specific skaters of country. Because the purpose is not blame them, but stop it and concentrate on herself. That's all.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and efforts for skating. This blog is fantastic. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you have watched GPF and 4CC warm-up video and yu-na's interview videos. You should have watched them, and been aware of what was the truth exactly and objectly before you wrote this article.

Aaron said...


First it was not my intention to begin World War 3 between Asada and Kim apologies.

I have reviewed all the different sources everyone has sent me...thank you. In fact, I attended the Four Continents Cup in Vancouver, saw the warm-ups in questions, and at the time saw nothing out of the ordinary.

I did make the leap to 'assume' Asada was more the skater Kim was talking about since Asada is the only Japanese skater consistently in the same warm-up group as Kim...a mistake on my part perhaps.

However, I take no side on this issue...I think both skaters are magnificent! And I can assure you the U.S. Media will be all over this and it will be Asada and Kim they single out, rather that's the real story or not.

I think you all for your honesty and dedication to the skaters you support...this post has absolutely given me my next Weekly Op-Ed...look for it late Tuesday night(PST) from L.A!

Anonymous said...

thanks Aaron!
I felt sad because of trumped-up stories and fabricators about the Yu-na interview.
So I am pleased at this post update.

Good luck to you and have a nice day~!

Ahreum said...

Thank you for your update. I will be looking forward to your Op-ed!

open said...

"There have been other media outlets that have named a 'certain' skater but she never did."

Yes, the other media did named a 'certain' skater.
But you know what??
It WAS a 'Japanese media' who first mentioned 'certain'skaters name.
And they only mentioned "Mao Asada" name as if they don't have other skaters in Japan, as always:(

If, you have not seen some of video clips in youtube about this incident I recommend you to check it out.
You'll see who she is and how she did interfered in to yuna's path and practice.
At some points she follow yuna from behind, like shadow. Boo~~~

Anonymous said...

I think you have to look at the broader aspect that South Korea and Japan have a special HATE relationship.

It didn't die down after WWII. Remember when they had to share the World Cup? Both countries hated that.

That relationship could be affecting this story more than what individual skaters are doing.

LOVE the blog - have a great time at Worlds!