Thursday, March 05, 2009

Hamilton for Hire

First Edition of what I hope is many, many editions. Each week I'll keep track of Scott Hamilton's progress on The Celebrity Apprentice.

First off...I think of both teams, those were the grossest looking cupcakes ever! Who would eat those, let alone pay thousands for one. I mean, they could of took care to make them at least taste good...but I digress.

I thought Scott did a great job this first week. He worked hard, didn't ruffle any feathers. They all proclaimed how big a name Dennis Rodman is but I dare say that Scott Hamilton is a household name as well. I think they shouldn't be so quick to call Rodman the biggest star (perhaps, the most noticeable).

The boardroom, when Andrew Dice Clay said he would fire Scott Hamilton (after he had basically quit), I almost died. I thought, "oh no...he's gonna get Scott in the hot seat and then something terrible might happen!" Luckily Trump, nor Project Manager Hershel Walker were having any of it and Walker, Rodman, and Clay ended up in the hot seat with Clay (thankfully!) being fired. Scott lives to take on another challenge!

On the ladies side...I'm already done with Annie Duke...ugh! Next Round Sunday!

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