Thursday, March 05, 2009

Pic of the Week

I'm bypassing my Destination L.A. Series for this week...or maybe I'll get in this weekend, but anyway...

This Pic of the Week for me had to be done! If you read the post below, you get that I was excited about Rippon's Free Skate at Junior Worlds. But it's not Adam whom I making Pic of the's his coach!

I'm going to start calling Brian Orser Mr. Magic Touch! We have all been blessed to see the skater he has shaped Yu-Na Kim into. But I'm simply amazed with what he's done with Rippon...just since Christmas! I mean, at the top of the season Adam's programs were lack luster, he was struggling with jumps, seemed a bit out of his league in the senior division. Even at Nationals he wasn't on his total A Game.

But give Brian Orser a skater willing to work hard and few weeks wiggle room and a champion skater he'll make! I mean, it's rare to see this kind of turnaround from a skater and I feel Brian Orser deserves some big props here!

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Ice Charades said...

Brian always deserves big props in my book!