Thursday, March 19, 2009

The results are in...

The results of my recent poll are in. The question, does Czisny and Flatt have what it takes to get the U.S. three Olympic berths at the upcoming World Championships, was answered and overwhelmingly people are not convinced they can pull it off.

Nearly half of all respondents didn't think they have what it takes. A quarter thought maybe they could pull it off and about a fifth said they absolutely could. Seven percent were even less optimistic, stating they thought Czisny and Flatt might only earn the U.S. one spot...eeek!

Now Rachael has gone back to last season's free skate that served her well at U.S. Nationals where she won the silver and the Junior World Championships where she won gold. There have been rumbles that Alissa has up'd the technical difficulty of her free skate to get every point possible.

While we can predict all we want the question remains, how will it all play out?

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