Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday Fun

It's's beautiful weather...I don't have to work is good!

Anywho..the Twitter craze continues. This past week Twitter has just exploded because of the competition between Ashton Kutcher (@ aplusk) and CNN's Larry King (@ cnnbrk ) (Kutcher won!). Didn't hurt that Oprah (@ Oprah) got on board either!

So, people have been popping up on Twitter left and right...skaters too! Below are some skaters that have decided to Tweet that I'm enjoying keeping tabs on!

Kimmie Meissner (@ kimmiemeissner)
Tanith Belbin (@ TanithJLB)
Ben Agosto (@ Ben_Agosto)
Greg Zuerlein (@ Grzsk8r14)
Adam Rippon (@ Adaripp)
Michelle Kwan (@ MichelleWKwan)

Also...don't forget to follow me @ skating102!

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