Monday, April 27, 2009

Sochi 2014 in a bit of trouble.

Ice Charades sent me a link to a very interesting article.

One of the Mayoral Candidates (unfortunately the losing candidate) for the Russian City of Sochi, Boris Nemtsov, wrote an article for the Washington Post detailing the progression of Games preparations in the city.

Trouble is, according to Nemtsov, things are not progressing well.

Check out the article for yourself, but some of the problems include urban displacement, funding, and the fact that Sochi is very near the unstable region in Georgia.

On the Georgia fact, many have been critical of the Russian Federation's successful bid for the Olympics, as can be seen with the picture accompanying this post.

With 5 years to go, Sochi is not on track to host a successful Winter Olympics (gasp!).

Will the IOC have to figure out 'Plan B for 2014?' Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Dude, just read the last IOC review of Sochi 2014. They are the experts - not a politician looking to score points - and they confirm that Sochi 2014 is making good progress. It's easy to knock Russia, but I'm afraid this is not a project that will fail. Best.

Aaron said...

I think the IOC is going to put the best possible face on any project, rather it's going good or not.

I certainly hope the IOC is correct and all things are a go.

But Nemtsov isn't the only one claiming the wheels have come off the track...

Jenny said...

Anonymous- are you going to believe the IOC or what's reported on the ground? It's in the IOC's every interest to put the report in the best light, since they are the ones who picked Sochi. And with Putin personally behind the bid and $12 billion in construction projects in his vacation town, the project won't fail, but at what cost?

Yes, the IOC has a great reputation of "experts" who have been proven guilty, under Samaranch, of taking bribes in the past and is suspected of taking bribes now. Hello Gazprom?

It's not just the mayoral candidate that has concerns, there are others: environmental groups, locals who will lose their homes to eminent domain, and those pesky border skirmishes with Georgia. Check out a couple more reports here: and

Russia should be knocked when they do despicable things. Like the election in St. Petersburg where the winning candidate (according to authorities) resigned because he insisted he didn't win. He said it was blatant corruption that gave him the victory because he was the party of the Kremlin.

Anonymous said...

Aaron you're right, but the project REALLY is on track. I work on it. And to Jenny - see the Sochi 2014 website for the Head of WWF Russia praising the green efforts Sochi 2014 has made. Environmental concerns were old concerns dealt with when two planned venue locations were moved away from the World Heritage Site so there would be no problem, and they launched an environmental council with ALL the leading NGOs in it and the United Nations to provide guidance that IS followed. Why do you want to mix sport and politics by being anti the Winter Games? Don't politicise the Olympics - it's not a tool to teach Russia lessons. Instead it's creating positive change and if people knock one of the few good things, what's left? I won't be commenting anymore, but please understand the pro-Georgia US media bias does influence what you read. Peace out