Monday, April 20, 2009

The Mega Post

See what go to a wedding in gorgeous San Diego and you return to your computer (and the real world, I tuned out completely this weekend; it was refreshing) and the skating world has blown up.

Figuratively speaking of course (yes...pun intended...laugh!)...

So around the world we go, beginning in Japan where the U.S. has won the ISU Team Trophy in Tokyo. Outstanding performances from Belbin and Agosto as well as Evan Lysacek helped seal the deal. Although the U.S. wasn't quite the powerhouse in women's skating this year, we fared quite well in Dance and Mens this season so cheers to the U.S. Also well wishes to Jessica Dube who had a nasty fall during the exhibition at the event.

What is going on in France with the French Federation and Joubert. I've stayed out of the recent Joubert drama because, well, I always think Joubert's drama is uninteresting. Apparently, however, the French Federation is insisting Joubert follow their recipe for his success. Why is the French Federation being so picky about Joubert and Vancouver and mum on Delobel and Schoenfelder? Why is it 'so' important that Joubert win? I smell a rat, and not a cute Disney one...

Who knew Rockne Brubaker was skating with Abdominal Hernia's? I sure didn't. Well he's had surgery and I wish him a speedy recovery! He expects to return to the ice early next month.

Also in the U.S., the Sundance Channel released some details about an upcoming show chronicling the life of Johnny Weir and his pursuits. "Johnny Be Good" it's to be titled and I have a feeling this is going to be a hum-dinger of a show. More details to come!

In Canada, U.S. Figure Skater Molly Oberstar traded in normal spring break locals for Halifax, Nova Scotia where she is currently filming for her starring role in the Ice Castles remake...go Molly!

Finally, Beverly Smith at The Globe and Mail, also in Canada reported on some covert changes the ISU has made. We've all noticed the reduced number of judges at the major championships this year (much to my dismay!) and true to form, the ISU has sneakily reduced the number of judges to be present...AT THE OLYMPICS!!!! Oy vey! Please please please, I'm begging U.S. Figure Skating and its global friends to fight this to the bitter end at the June Congress. FAIR JUDGING, FAIR RESULTS!

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