Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pic of the Week

I'm going on a brief hiatus as I have a wedding to attend. I'll be in San Diego (how did I get so unfortunate as to be in SoCal twice within the span of a month?!?) and I'm not taking my laptop...so no posts until next week.

But before I go...a pic of the week to tie you over. 'The Matrix' was one of the most widely used pieces of music this season. Brian Joubert even resurrected his 'Matrix' program, with some modifications of course, for Worlds. His might of been "Matrix Revolutions" or something...but anyway...

So it was no surprise when Domnina and Shabalin entertained the crowd with an acrobatic performance to...'The Matrix!

Apart from the program, the outfits were really quite interesting and the whole time through the program I just kept thinking..."With the lights down and just show lights...can they really see with sun glasses on?"

But, till next week, enjoy Oksana and Maxim looking quite posh! Enjoy their performance too!

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