Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Around the World

In the U.S. we are all busy placing our bets on Cohen's Olympic chances. Me personally, I put it at 50/50. I'll have to re-assess after the Grand Prix, assuming she gets to skate in an event or two (and the ratings draw she would generate makes me think that'll happen). U.S. Figure Skating helds it's annual Governing Council and elected a new president...meet Patricia St. Peter. There's lots of other reports and bits to check out. Also, they picked the CD's to be used next season (why was I under the impression the Compulsory Dance was going away?).

In Canada, Skate Canada is still getting flack about it's 'Tough' campaign, but it would appear Stojko has stopped his press tour so maybe the bleeding will stop. Also, a terrible story, a Toronto area skating coach has been charged with sexual assault. Think your fit...try Joannie Rochette's workout regime and get back with me!

In Russia, Elena Berezhnaya speaks! And guess what...she's expecting too! What's with the figure skating mommy run?

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