Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pic of the Week

Now that Sasha has ended our suspense and indeed will attempt to make the 2010 U.S. Olympic Team, we turn now to the only other U.S. Skater keeping us in "Olympic Limbo," Michelle Kwan.

She commentates, she golfs, she travels around the world as a Government Diplomat, but will she skate?

Phil Hersh, amongst others, doesn't seem to thank so and I'm starting to agree. With Sasha in the field, not to mention the talented group already out there, it seems a big leap.

If she wants to compete in the Grand Prix next season, she'll have to tell U.S. Figure Skating as much by May 30th. If she doesn't do that, I think we can all but rule out the comeback. Her limited experience (and by limited I mean 1 competition, 2005 Worlds) under the current judging system would almost necessitate her competing at least one event to get two programs worked out to allow any chance of making the Olympic Team.

Who knows though, she may yet surprise us...

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