Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pic of the Week

This Pic of the Week comes a day early as tomorrow I'm heading to Georgia for 4th of July festivites (WIN!!!).

Thinking about the 4th of July got me thinking about Michael Weiss 2004 U.S. Nationals Free Skate. I always called it the '4th of July' program because of all the patriotic music selections: When Johnny Comes Marching Home, Amazing Grace, Battle Hymn of the Republic...how could you not feel patriotic after that program!

Just so happens that Andrea "Hoo" Chempinski had a great picture of Michael Weiss performing this program at her website http://www.scratchspin.com/. If I recall, Michael slipped in for second place at this competition, right behind Johnny Weir. Matt Savoie was the bronze medalist...I think?

I scoured the Internet for a video of this program only to turn up empty handed...a picture will simply have to do. But I did find this video way back from 1998 of Michael Weiss coming oh so close to successfully landing a quad lutz (I believe he was the first skater to attempt that quad...not Evgeny Plushenko...just managed to answer another question I had from my Q&A Session!). Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Actually, Michael Weiss won Nationals in 2003. Johnny Weir withdrew in the middle of his free skate...probably the worst moment in his entire career.

The quad lutz attempt was actually kind of good. Nobunari Oda has attempted the jump in the past as well. I'm not sure if he's working on it now though.

Aaron said...

You're right...that should have read 2004 Free Skate...error fixed.

Had no idea Nobu has worked on a quad lutz...