Friday, July 31, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: The decision...

Michelle Kwan has made her choice. School...not Vancouver.

I must openly admit a part of me is sad but I'm excited that she has so many great opportunities ahead of her.

U.S. Figure Skating released a statement that Michelle will pursue a Master's Degree from prestigious Fletcher Law School at Tufts University in International Affairs.

"Representing the United States as an American Public Diplomacy Envoy the past three years has been very rewarding, and I want to do more. Furthering my education will bring me closer to that goal, and I don't want to wait any longer to continue the journey," Kwan said in the press release.

It was highly speculated that U.S. Figure Skating was holding on to a spot for her at Skate America would she had decided to return.

"Skating will always be a part of me," Michelle said in the statement. "But, in the bigger picture of my life, I have always wanted to find a career that will allow me to make a positive contribution and difference in the world."

She does plan to still skate in shows, commentate, and work as a spokesperson as time permits. She is still planning on skating in Korea in Kim Yu-Na's Ice Show.

Thus decides the most eagerly anticipated comeback decision.

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